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Webquest: USA-Hooray!


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Webquest: USA-Hooray!
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Webquest:  A work in progress

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Your cousin has written to you to ask for your help. She wants to move to a different part of the United States, but is not sure which state is best. She has asked all her relatives to research information about different states.





THE STATE OF ____________________________



Part 1: Interesting Facts about Your State

Directions: Complete the chart about your state. The information you need is on the web site:

Scroll down and click on the name of your state in the list. Fill in the answers on the chart in your portfolio.



Part 2: Population affects the quality of life. You decide to send her information about the population of the state.




Directions: Go to

If you have trouble finding the site, go to,

and in the search engine,


Census FactFinder Kids Corner.

On "FactFinder Kids Corner", find the 5th circle, "WHY".

Then click on "What is a Census?"

    • Read the information, and then take the quiz.
    • Click on the quiz and choose the level, "easy" or "hard".
    • Read the question and then scroll down and look at the chart to find the answer.











Directions: Look for the following information for your cousin.

1. How often does the United States gather information?

about you and your family?______________________

2. What is one way the government uses this information? ____________________________________________

3. Give an example of what the government would do:__________________________________________

4. Why is it important to get an accurate count of the people in each state? _____________________________________________


What is the effect of this information on the election of members of the House of Representatives?

(HINT: For example, Wyoming has the smallest population, so it has one Representative. California has a large population, therefore, they have 53 Representatives.)





Task #3: Click the 2nd circle that says "FACTS," FUN STATE FACTS.

Write the population of your state in 1990.____________

Write the population of your state in 2000.____________

Compare the populations by answering the following.

1. Did the population increase or decrease? _____________________________________________

2. What is the percentage of the increase or decrease? _____________________________________________

3. Are there more men or women in your state?


Many people speak a language other than English at home. Think about the information you have about this situation. Can you predict an increase or decrease in the number of people who a language other than English in the year 2000? ______________________________

Find the section called LANGUAGE SPOKEN AT HOME. Check to see if your prediction was right.

4. How many people speak a language other than English in 2000?




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