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Christmas 2003
Our Wish List For the Holidays:
Vinnie and Deborah          Dan and Peg
Danielle                               Andrew
Andrew                               Diana
Tommy                               Tommy
George                                Matt
Joey                                    Bryan
Tom and Laurie                Jeanne and Ron
Joey                                     Matt
David                                  Eric
Bryan                                  Diana
Tommy                                Joey
Andrew                               Bryan
Karen and Lenny          Donna and Joel
David                               Danielle
Matt                                 Diana
Danielle                            George
Eric                                  Eric
George                             David

This is Diana. Does Grandma give gifts to all the kids? write the answer on my family webpage please.and Merry Christmas!
I want a present from Aunt Laurie and uncle Tom! No offense to my other aunts and uncles. Who's hlouse is Christmas at? Can't wait to see all of you on Christmas!